• About Us

We are Ma & Man, married years ago, originally Iranian but moved to Netherlands a few years ago. We both have penchant about writing, photos and movies and after marriage we decided to collect these interests together in one place.
About 5 years ago we decided to gather all our created contents from all of our blogs and create a website. We wanted to do it our self, so it was beat of a challenge since we didn't enough experience to build a site, took some time and here we are. WE did it. Happy!

I love photography and have done it for years, we'll share those photos and look forward to your opinion and criticism. I will share my experience and some tips regard taking photos which I found more useful, We can for sure improve our skills.
WE also do love movies, both at home, sitting on our comfortable couch or at movie theater.
We going to write a short review for each movie we watch and rate it base our taste. Folks those are our opinion and you might have totally different one which we respect.